Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit which is also called Pitahaya has another scientific name is Hylocereus undatus. Dragon Fruits belong to the cactus family originating from desert areas in Mexico and Colombia. Dragon Fruit has been grown in Vietnam from the early 20 th century but it has just became goods since 1990s. Vietnam is the unique country growing dragon fruit on the commercial scale in South-East Asia.
- Season : All year round.
- Origin : Bình Thuận, Long An Province.
- Variety : White and Red flesh.
- Packing : 3 kgs/ ctn, 4kgs/ ctn, 4.5 kgs/ctn, 10 kgs  /ctn, 25 kgs/  ctn or as customer'srequire.
- Specification :  +   Small size: 300-450 gram/ pcs.
                              +   Large size: 460 gram up.







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